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Green River is literally a hub for activities and sights to see.

There’s so much to do around Green River you’ll never want to leave. We have river rafting, national parks, state parks, rock climbing, mountain biking, scenic flights, horseback riding, hiking and more all within 60 miles of your hotel room. Check out our blog with pictures of sites to see or go to Destination Green River for events and places to go and see!

Goblin Valley State Park:GoblinValley Attractions River rafting:RiverRafting Attractions
This Utah State Park is less well known than surrounding national parks but is just as spectacular and stunning with its beautiful sandstone rock formations. The sandstone rock formations have been used in music videos and movies, such as Galaxy Quest. Experience some of the “Best Guided Rafting Trips” on the Green and Colorado Rivers. When rafting the mighty these rivers you can experience a wonderful stretch of whitewater and the famous Desolation Canyon.
Canyonlands National Park:Canyonalnds Attractions The San Rafael Swell:SanRafaelSwell Attractions
This national park has four separate areas, all with different ways to get to them. It offers endless opportunity for sight-seeing and Utah National Park exploration. A very scenic with mesas, cliffs, buttes, springs and especially canyons, the land is open and access is unrestricted.
Arches National Park:Arches Attractions OHV Riding/Dirt Biking:OHV Attractions
This national park has over 100 natural sandstone arches. Some you can drive to and see, others you will have to hike to. The famous Delicate Arch is a three mile hike round trip, not to rigorous, but definitely worth the effort. There are many trails that offer a challenge at any skill level. Throughout the Swell or the Book Cliffs or even at the Dunes we know you will have a good time and enjoy the beautiful landscape that is around us.
Dead Horse Point State Park:DeadHorse Attractions Mountain biking:MountainBiking Attractions
This state park is perfect for a day hike with the family. Facilities are limited to a visitor center, picnic area and a well-equipped 21 site campground, plus several short trails. With hundreds of trails around Green River, there is sure to be some with your skill set. We recommend spending a day touring the area by bike—you won’t regret it.
Hiking:Hiking Attractions Rock climbing:canyoneering Attractions
There are hundreds of trails that are very different depending on the time of year. We have both wet and dry hikes in the area all around Green River. In the State and National Parks, in the Swell and the Book Cliffs. The Swell is renowned across the world for its incredible rock climbing.

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