Ding & Dang Slot Canyons

Just the other week we took the kids to hike Ding and Dang slot canyons, near Goblin Valley State Park. We had a great time going through the canyons, it took us about 5 hours to complete. There are some great hikes in this area.

IMG 2542 225x300 Ding & Dang Slot CanyonsTo find the canyons head to Goblin Valley State Park, when you are almost to the park station there will be a sign to head to Little Wild Horse Canyon. Take that heading west. You will go past Little Wild Horse and Bell Canyon parking lot and go into a wash. Keep going until you see a kiosk for Ding and Dang. Park your vehicle and hike in to the canyons. You will walk about .9 miles in a wash to the canyons.

The canyon loop is about 5 miles. It is easier to hike up Ding and come down Dang. It will take 3-4 or more hours to complete depending on your speed. Also, depending on the season there may be water in both canyons. Some parts you can shimmy along the walls of the canyon. You are in the desert so remember plenty of water. Some people have said to bring a 30 foot rope on the hike with you as a precaution, I have been through it without it. All the obstacles are passable, just take your time and  look for a way around them. Ding & Dang Slot Canyons are rated 2A II using the Canyon Rating System.

Click here for a map of Ding & Dang from Climb-Utah.com.

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