Disc Golf in Green River

GreenRiverDiscGolf 300x169 Disc Golf in Green River

There is a Disc Golf Tournament going on this weekend in Green River, Utah at the Green River Golf Course. 2 days, 18 holes a day.

Before today I had heard of disc golf, I thought you called it frisbee golf. (Don’t call it Frisbee golf, Frisbee is trademarked, it’s disc golf.) I’d played Frisbee football in high school, with a Frisbee, but this is different. Similar but different. The discs are smaller, with a thicker rim. Like golf you have a driver, an iron and a putter, they are called different things in disc golf, but the idea is there.

I went out today and played a couple of holes with my daughter of disc golf and it was extremely fun. I am sure it can become very competitive, but I can also see it as family fun time too.

Come out and play a round or two!

There also is a Disc Golf Course at Goblin Valley State Park.

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