Eye of Sinbad/Wild Horse Window

The hike that our family took to the Eye of Sinbad or Wild Horse Window was fun. The Eye of Sinbad is an opening in the ceiling of the cave. There are also pictographs in the cave as well. The hike difficulty was easy to moderate, round trip distance was about 3 miles, and we took two hours to hike it. If you have pets you can take them.

Directions: We took SR 24 south toward Hanksville, turned right to head toward Goblin Valley State Park and Temple Mountain, then turned left toward Goblin Valley. We took the second dirt road on the right and followed it until we had basically a straight shot to the cave. We parked at a small unmarked parking area.

There are no facilities or water available, so plan ahead!

%name Eye of Sinbad/Wild Horse WindowLat/Long (WGS84)
38° 439.191′ N
110° 40.607′ W

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