Going Green

The Robbers Roost Motel is proud to be apart of energy conservation and recycling.

energystar Going Green

We have replaced all of the old heating/AC units with energy star units which will greatly reduce what we use in electricity consumption.

recycling Going GreenWe have also added recycling bins near the lobby. We can accept aluminum, plastic and paper. We are working with the Melon Vine grocery store who takes, compacts and gets it ready to be picked up.

Also, every day, hundreds of tons of towels & linens are washed unnecessarily in hotels and motels all over the world. Many of these are laundered after only one use. Excessive amounts of water are used and the laundry detergent pollutes our water supply.

If you are staying with us for more than one night, we will replace towels and linens only if you request it.

Thank You!

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