Little Spotted Wolf Canyon

Little Spotted Wolf Canyon is in the San Rafael Swell just south of I-70. The interstate actually runs through the larger Spotted Wolf Canyon. The turn off to get to the Little Spotted Wolf Canyon is on the right if you are heading east as you are leaving the Swell, and you can cross on the highway on the left right before you head into the Swell. As you turn off there will be a fence and a gate, move the gate and ride on through, and don’t forget to close it or the cows might get out!

Just as a side note if you plan on hiking this canyon you will need a vehicle with a higher clearance than a car. We have a Honda Pilot and it made it just fine.

%name Little Spotted Wolf CanyonLat/Long (WGS84)
38° 54.259′ N
110° 26.777′ W

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